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Second Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Student Helpful Hints

• Second degree-seeking undergraduate students should apply for financial aid by following the same procedures as other undergraduate students.
• Second degree-seeking undergraduate students must have declared majors different from the major in which they have already earned a degree.
• Second degree-seeking undecided majors are considered undeclared for financial aid purposes, and are not eligible for aid.
• Generally, second degree-seeking undergraduate students may be eligible for Federal Work Study, Federal Stafford and Perkins Loans.
• Second degree-seeking undergraduate students are NOT eligible to receive grants, such as Pell, FSEOG, FSAG and the UCF Grant.
• Second degree-seeking students are reviewed as undergraduate students for Satisfactory Academic Progress purposes. Therefore, they cannot exceed 180 attempted hours, including those hours attempted for previous degree(s). It is recommended that second degree-seeking students must meet with their academic advisors for an evaluation of courses needed to obtain the second degree and that they do not deviate from their academic plans.


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