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Transfer Students

For students transferring to UCF, the Office of Transfer and Transition Services has a wealth of information including a scholarship listing specific to transfer students. The information is located under the resources section on the Transfer and Transition Services Web page. There is also a scholarship listing on the Office of Student Financial Assistance Web site located under Types of Aid, Scholarships and then Scholarship Listing.

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• Be informed. The application process must be complete; pay close attention to priority filing dates.

• If a FAFSA for the year in question has already been filed, request that the Federal Processor forward the information to UCF, Code # 003954, by following one of the steps below:

  1. Go to the FAFSA on the Web home page and click Start Here to log in. You will be given the option to Make FAFSA Corrections.  Add the UCF Code (003954) and submit the corrections for processing.
  2. Call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at (1-800-4 FED AID) and have them add UCF – Code# 003954) for you. When you call, you must provide the DRN from your Student Aid Report (SAR) or confirmation page.
  3. If you did the paper FAFSA, then you will need to add UCF to the colleges listed on your SAR and send your SAR to the Federal Processor for corrections.
• The To Do List on myUCF will indicate any required forms or other requirements, such as the Loan Entrance Counseling.
• Not all financial aid programs are transferable; eligibility for some programs will be determined by UCF.
• If you are receiving a private scholarship, contact the donor of the scholarship and notify them that you will be attending UCF.
• If you have already been awarded a loan for the current academic year at another school, cancel that loan as soon as possible.
• Students transferring to UCF must be sure to read the policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress found on the Web site. It is important that each class taken is required curriculum to earn a degree.
• The Short Term Advance (STA) for Books or the Textbook Purchase Program is available for students to help with these expenses. The STA application, found under Forms, is available for download prior to each term, so that funds may be available as early as the week before the first day of classes. For additional information regarding both programs, visit the Funds for Books section of our Web site.


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